Trabzon Uzungol The Long Lake Valley

Trabzon Uzungol The Long Lake Valley

Uzungöl is 99 km away from Trabzon city center and 19 km away from Çaykara county town. Its altitute is 1090 m. Uzungöl is a natural lake which was formed after rolling stones from the mountains in the walley built a barrier on the river of Haldizen.

It is known as Uzungöl and it names after the location. Uzungöl that attracts domestic and foreign tourists, has a great touristic potential. Uzungöl gives people chance of trekking , bird observation, botanic tours and tours to higher lakes, and other plateaus around like Şekersu , Demirkapı, Yaylaönü.

In the valley of Haldizen river , in which Uzungöl lake stays, there is an attracting view of spruce forests. However water plane of the lake differs according to seasonal water flow, in general its length is 1000 m , its width is 500 m , its depth is almost 15m.Trout fish can be found in the lake.

Valley of Haldizen river which drags on southward, has a great treasure of natural beauty. Almost ten smaller lakes on the higher sides of the mountains around, provides alternative activities for visitors. Today, thousands of tourist who comes for Uzungöl, also hike up these lakes.

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