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The reason for the existence of a travel agent is the survival and customer satisfaction. We're looking at our business. For this reason, in all areas we serve, we try to satisfy our customers with their own desires, by using every possible alternative, to satisfy our customers.

Bereke Tour Ministry of Culture Class A Trip own enterprise certificate Tursab member, proven, high level with customers memnuyiet, our konukla coming to Turkey in the center of Istanbul has a position they can reach in a very friendly manner, it is an experienced travel agency.

Our agency; Hotel Reservation, Meeting and Event Organization, Day Tours, Airport Transfers, Car Allocation, Sale of Real Estate, and Health Services (Hair Transplantation, Aesthetic Surgery, General Surgery, Dental Aesthetics).

Bereke Tour is an agency that has proven itself in the areas it serves and has received positive feedback.

Turkey also problems without these services, in accordance with your budget and you want to get back to your country in a pleasant manner; Please contact us.

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